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Is Slick Extensions real hair?

No, our hair is not human hair, It is made out of Korean silk, making it premium synthetic quality.


Are Slick Extensions heat resistant?

Yes, our hair is heat resistant. Hair tools can be used on our hair (up to 180 degrees), however, our sets already come pre-styled and ready to wear. We advise the use of minimal heat. We do not recommend using a hair dryer as this can damage the fibers of the hair.


Can I wash my Slick Extensions?

Yes, Slick Extensions can be washed, we recommend using sulfate free hair products. We also recommend to only wash when necessary and to let hair air dry. 


Can our hair be dyed?

Unfortunately no, due to our hair being synthetic hair.


How do I apply the Ponytail extensions?


Do you have a colour chart?

Yes, you can find it on our Colour Chart on the Home page.


What can you recommend for a first time purchaser?

Our most requested extensions is Bridgerton, 

Do you need help finding your color? Message us on Insta or FB for color-matching!